NWEA Mission and Vision


The sustainable sector association NWEA (the Netherlands Wind Energy Association) is working with all stakeholders inside and outside the wind sector to expand wind power as an essential part of the renewable Dutch energy supply.

Wind energy is a particularly clean and cost-efficient power source. Through the centuries-old Dutch tradition with windmills, our knowhow and our geographical location the Netherlands is well-positioned to harvest wind for electricity. In combination with other renewable energy sources, innovative wind power offers an optimal harmony between people, planet and profit, with profit shifting towards purpose: working from the heart and from an intrinsic motivation to improve the world.

NWEA is convinced that a careful balance between these three interests offers the best guarantee for a reliable, sustainable Dutch energy supply. That is why we work in complete transparency with local, national and international companies, energy cooperatives, civil society, the government and citizens to bring about the economic, technical and political conditions which are needed for acceptance and the realisation of wind turbines on land and at sea. NWEA additionally facilitates the further electrification of society, for example in the field of transport. In this way we contribute to a fully sustainable world by 2050.