Vind 2018
Woensdag, 24 oktober 2018 - Woensdag, 24 oktober 2018

Come join the VIND 2018 conference, October 24-25 in Stockholm!

More than 40 exhibitors and 750 visitors represent the largest annual conference of the wind power industry in the Nordic region. A great arena for networking, knowledge and inspiration. 

International interest in Swedish wind energy has never been higher. Investments are extensive and expectations high. At VIND 2018 we will outline the enormous potential renewable energy offers as we transition into a fossil free future.

Meet and mingle in the exhibition hall and get updated with micro-seminars on the exhibitor’s stage. Continue networking during the confenrence dinner, where the winner of The Swedish Renewable Energy Award will pe presented. 

Selected speakers will be launched throughout the year and the complete programme will be launched September 1!

Locatie : Stockholm, Zweden